Mixbook Moldova Team
Welcome and thanks for visiting us! Here you can find
latest info about our team, office, technologies,
our products and opened job positions.
What we do
Mixbook is an award-winning photo service that helps
consumers share and relive life's most important memories through stunning, one-of-a-kind photo products
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Our new office!
Later this year we're moving to a new working place.
Here's a sneak peak of what the office will look like, hope you like it ;)
Mixbook #swag
Our Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants
The Garden contains 50 different gardens and plant collections. There is a serene cascade waterfall, as well as wetlands and a 50-acre (20 ha) tract of original, never-logged, old-growth New York forest.
We like working with Apple products, so we
make sure everyone gets a new MacBook Pro,
a 4k Display and other awesome accessories!
supporting IT community
Coding Challenge Event
At Mixbook we care about good code and we promote the code culture in the community.
This summer we've held the the Coding Challenge Event — an event for developers, where they compete against
each other to showcase their skills and crack a few technical problems. Each participant were given a set of
code riddles, which they then had to solve using any approved programming language.

The winners were be the developers who cracked the largest number of problems in the fastest,
most accurate, elegant or interesting way. Are you ready? Let's code!
If you want to crack down some of the challenges that we had
at the event, than definitely check out the github repository.
Here at Mixbook we use latest technologies
to make our projects fast, incredibly powerful
and constantly growing in steady pace.
Ruby on Rails
We love using Rails, it helps us with quick prototyping, writing easy-to-read code, for it's simple and efficient MVC and some more cool features we'd love to talk about
React & Redux
React is a very powerful tool for creating fast, stable, and configurable front-end.
In conjunction with Redux & Immutable.js
we can create everything we think of.
TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript which means it brings type declaration and clarity to JS! Using TS helps our team create self-explanatory code, write less comments and minimize type mismatch bugs.
every year we go to
✈️ The United States
Once or twice a year our whole team travels to the US for a couple of weeks.
We meet our colleagues, discuss the future project and
work together on new features and releases.
Opened Job Positions
Our team is constantly growing and we are looking for great engineers
that can crack any technology, create and sustain large projects
and are willing to learn something new every day.

Is that you? Than check out our job positions!
Senior Full-stack Engineer
Work with latest front-end technologies such as React, Redux, TypeScript, try out functional programming, work with AWS and different Amazon services, crack down performance and optimisation, create a clean friendly REST API, and lots more!
View position description
Lead iOS Developer
Based on our existing web application, we start from scratch using the latest native development practices and technologies, like Swift, to create a powerful easy-to-use native mobile application. Use best coding practices, grow your team and create the best product on the market!
View position description
Why choose us?
You will be working in a modern office situated in Chisinau, in an innovative, rapidly growing team, having the opportunity to travel to USA
Be a part of a small, efficient and FUN engineering team in Chisinau
Work with React, Redux, Ruby on Rails and other awesome newer technologies
Get a very nice salary + stock options
Work with new Apple hardware (Macbook Pro, 4k Displays and other awesome stuff)
A stable full-time position with normal (or flexible) working hours
CI, code reviews, pair programming and internal initiatives, driving dev goals within a dynamic and growing organization
Comfortable working place in the center of the city
Latest News and Events
Summer trip to Asconi Winery
In July three of our colleagues from the US: Maxim, Tony and Tucker came to visit out team here in Moldova.
We decided to make a trip to Asconi Winery, check out their process, learn something new about their
winery production and, of course taste some wine :) We had a great time there!
We were introduced to a couple of nice wines that are hard to fine
here in Moldova. We had lots of fun drinking and discussing the taste
Last Summer weekend at Skyland
The summer was really great, so we decided to give at a thanks and
have a nice day outdoors, while swimming, playing volleyball and drinking beer!