Senior Software Engineer
Work with latest front-end technologies such as React, Redux, TypeScript, try out functional programming, work with AWS and different Amazon services, crack down performance and optimisation, create a clean friendly REST API, and lots more!
Ruby on Rails
We love using Rails, it helps us with quick prototyping, writing easy-to-read code, for it's simple and efficient MVC and some more cool features we'd love to talk about
React & Redux
React is a very powerful tool for creating fast, stable, and configurable front-end.
In conjunction with Redux & Immutable.js
we can create everything we think of.
TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript which means it brings type declaration and clarity to JS! Using TS helps our team create self-explanatory code, write less comments and minimize type mismatch bugs.
Why choose us?
You will be working in a modern office situated in Chisinau, in an innovative, rapidly growing team, having the opportunity to travel to USA.
Be a part of a small, efficient and FUN engineering team in Chisinau
Work with React, Redux, Ruby on Rails and other awesome newer technologies
Get a very nice salary + stock options
Work with new Apple hardware (Macbook Pro, 4k Displays and other awesome stuff)
A stable full-time position with normal (or flexible) working hours
CI, code reviews, pair programming and internal initiatives, driving dev goals within a dynamic and growing organization
Comfortable working place in the center of the city
We are looking for great engineers who can master
any technology stack, and
care about good code
Check out our requirements:

  • Experience in web development for 3+ years;
  • Experience with one or more modern front-end development frameworks (we use React/Redux);
  • Opinionated about code architecture and building developer friendly APIs;
  • Strong mindset for automated testing;
  • Constant learner keeping up to date with upcoming web standards;
  • Experience in Ruby on Rails development or a willingness to learn;
  • Comfortable with Git and the command line;
  • Easy to work with, self-motivated, knows English;
  • Knowledge of browsers internals, from networking to layout and rendering;
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences or other college degree.
Our next trip to the US is in November
Make sure you're with us already ;)
Improve your IT career
If you would appreciate a challenge using some cool new technologies, work in an amazing engineering team and reach high tech goals — Join us!
We also have
All sorts of great things, like playing area, cookies, tea and coffee, meals at the office, corporate events, comfortable bean bags, and many more!
Food & Drinks
Free launches, coffee, tee, cookies
and snacks are waiting for you
in our kitchen every day!
Conferences & Events
We support IT community in Moldova
and regularly hold different events.
Our devs also often travel to tech conferences
English lessons
We speak and write in English a lot in task description, emails and comments in code :)
We regularly hold English lessons in the office
Pair Programming
We are constantly improving our work process; we've incorporated a lot of features of eXtrime Programming, including pair programming, unit testing, code reviews, continues integration, mob programming and others.
Awesome Engineering team
Our talented team consists of senior developers who come from different professional backgrounds. Every day they use their unique sets of skills and knowledge when they work together to create best quality service for our customers. Each one of them is a proud example of professionalism, enthusiasm and awesome.
Agile & Planning Poker
Our team uses Agile methodology in full to develop our products: sprints, demo, mini releases, grooming. Be ready to constantly improve the product and take as much time to make everything perfect as you need.
Great code culture
In Mixbook we care about good code and coding practices within the company and in the IT community. We participate and organize different events, incorporate new technologies and try out different solutions to the technical problems we face everyday.
What we do
Mixbook is an award-winning photo service that helps
consumers share and relive life's most important memories through stunning, one-of-a-kind photo products
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